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February  2016: Spring is Coming Soon!!!

Start your training now and get hired this spring!

The most exciting thing about the new year for us is the chance to help a fresh bunch of new bartenders prepare to enter the hospitality industry.  Spring is coming soon and we know that is the best time to find work as a bartender. We have found that applying in advance of the patio season gives our grads a greater opportunity to find work in the late winter and early spring months.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Highly recommended to anyone seeking the absolute best in achieving success in professional mixology!! Great hands on & one-on-one teaching experience!

  • Loved it great teachers and a super fun course. Had a great time and would highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to learn.

  • Ben did a great job, Graduated today. Was a lot of fun. Definitely going to be staying active through FAB!

  • Amazing class, had SO MUCH FUN!!!

  • Had a great experience, learned a bunch and had fun doing it!

  • I took the course taught at fine art bartending on whyte and I must say I have no regrets. The class was interactive, personal, fun and the teacher of the course evidently knew his material. As far as job opportunities are concerned I talked with the instructor and made it clear I was very interested in pursing the entertainment and hospitality industry and he through the contacts he had gave me someone to call. I have a interview coming up in this week.

  • The school is awesome for people looking to expand their knowledge & gain an understanding & appreciation for alcohol as well as the hospitality industry.

  • I already had experience, but needed a refresher after being at home with my kids for a few years. I came out of the course more confident and with a whole bunch of new skills. Ready to get a new job! Take this course, it's worth it!!

  • Had such am awesome time here mixing drinks. I was excited to come to class everyday. The teachers were fun to talk to and great to hang out with had lots of laughs, lots of jokes,

    Lucia V
  • Thank you Fine Art and Jeremy, I had a great time, and surprised myself that i can learn so much and gain confidence in just a week! I really feel like I can make it in the world of bartending! Best of luck to all who apply!

    Will M.
  • Thank you Fine Art Bartending School I think I just had the shortest job search of my life! I got insta-hired!!  I applied at like 6 or so places and they were all instant interviews and East Side Mario's hired me up front.

  • I was recently hired at the Calgary Petroleum Club after having done the course at Fine Art.. I'm really enjoying the work and I look forward to these coming months.

    Mark D.

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