Bartending Courses

Pro Bartending Certification

People always ask us…How can I learn to bartend in just 1 week?

The answer is: We have been doing this a long time and we have perfected our training methods so that our students will be trained well enough to feel comfortable bartending behind any bar in any establishment. If you don’t feel you’re ready after one week, come back and brush up your skills the following week. Take as much time as you need and you don’t have to pay anything extra for this.

Our instructors are here to help you succeed!

Our course is a Complete Bartending Training Program.

Each day of the course you will build upon the skills you learnt the day before. You will expand your knowledge and increase your speed and accuracy as the course goes on. We focus on the most important aspects of bartending so that you will feel comfortable and confident applying for bartending jobs.

“A great bartender is one that can perform their craft with speed, efficiencyand a smile on their face!”

Bartending Job Ready!

Some people take this course for their own personal knowledge while others want to work in the industry as a professional bartender.

Our Job Ready program is all part of the course. Since all of our instructors were once in your shoes it makes it easy for them to help you prepare for work in the industry. We work with you to prepare your resume properly so you get noticed. We teach you how to land a working interview and how to make sure you get hired. Most students that follow our teaching will find work within the first 5 to 10 places they apply to.

Bartending Job Bank

Fine Art Bartending has partnered with a major hospitality job site to give their students up to date access to job postings across Canada. This is a free service for all Fine Art Bartending graduates.

Sign up now online or call our student support number at 1-866-881-6699

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Intro to Bartending

Our 1 day 4 hour intro to bartending course takes place every Monday that we have classes. Students can choose from day or night classes. The course schedule can be found on each of the specific city pages.

Student will learn the bartending basics including proper pouring technique and glassware selection. Why drinks are shaken not stirred and how to make classic and popular cocktails.

Call 1-866-881-6699 to book your intro course

Flair Bartending

Expand your knowledge and increase your skill level with our 4 hour Flair Bartending course. Flair bartending is an art that takes your bartending skills to a whole new level. Flair classes are generally held on Saturdays and Sundays. Your instructor will book you into an upcoming class upon completion of your certification training.

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