Bartending Jobs Center:

Bartending Job Ready!

Some people take this course for their own personal knowledge while others want to work in the industry as a professional bartender.

Our Job Ready program is all part of the course. Since all of our instructors were once in your shoes it makes it easy for them to help you prepare for work in the industry. We work with you to prepare your resume properly so you get noticed.

We teach you how to land a working interview and how to make sure you get hired. Most students that follow our teaching will find work within the first 5 to 10 places they apply to.

Bartending Job Bank

Fine Art Bartending has partnered with a major hospitality job site to give their students up to date access to job postings across Canada. This is a free service for all Fine Art Bartending graduates.

Job Placement Assistance

Because Fine Art Bartending has been training bartenders for so long we have established a long line of relationships with local bars, pubs, night clubs, hotels and restaurants. We frequently get calls and emails with requests to immediately fill bartending positions. These are jobs that never get posted to the public and are only for Fine Art Bartending grads. We keep your information on file and at your request we will send you these job leads as soon as we receive them.