Would You Let Your Bartender Cut Your Hair?

This is a question I get a lot more lately from young people looking to enter the industry; “Can I really learn to bartend taking an online bartending course?“


Learning how to become a professional bartender is very much like learning to cut hair. You need to be taught by someone with experience and you need to learn hands-on! If you went into a hair salon or barber shop and you were told, “It’s my first day here and I totally watched some cool videos this weekend on how to cut hair. I’m ready to go.” You would probably run for the hills!


Now let’s look at this from another angle. Say you decide to spend the $99.00 for an online bartending course and you watch all the videos. You print off your certificate and now you’re ready to go conquer the world.


You trot into a pub with your resume, still warm from coming off the printer, and the manager asks, “What sort of experience do you have?”


“Well…I took an online bartending course, I’m ready to go!”


“Have you ever actually poured any of the drinks?”


“No, but I watched all the videos!”


See what I mean here? The odds of getting hired are slim to none due to not having any hands-on experience. The individuals that make these online course don’t really care if you get hired or not, they are just in it for the quick buck.


There is no substitute for hands-on training. The bartending course through Fine Art

Bartending is all hands-on. This means you will spend most of the course behind the bar, working on your drink recipes, speed and pouring accuracy. By the time you complete our course you will have the confidence to bartend anywhere!


No two certificates are created equal. With 10 schools across Canada and 43 years of training bartenders. We are the go-to-source for bartenders when bars, pubs and restaurants need staff. It’s actually really cool to see 2nd generations of bartenders beginning to come through our school because their parents took the course back when they were 19! Our certification will open doors for you that an online certification can never do both in Canada and overseas.


So how does one land their dream job as a bartender? Times have changed from the days of starting as a bus boy and working your way up to bartender. With the high rate of turnover in the hospitality industry, bar owners no longer have the time to train bartenders. Management need people ready to go and bartenders coming straight out of our school have a better chance of getting hired over someone with a ton of experience.


Why? Because they have no bad habits.


We have become aware that more managers in the industry are hiring our grads because they come out of our course with no bad habits. All our graduates have to do if they are hired is familiarize themselves with the company culture and procedures and they are off to work.


In this day and age it is easy to get sucked into learning online because it is easy to sit in front of your computer screen, in the comfort of your own home, but there are still some things you need to experience hands-on. One of them is becoming a professionally trained bartender. So if you want to become a bartender, do yourself a favour and take your course with a school that not only cares about the industry but cares about your success.



Fine Art Bartending Schools

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